Fuck Yeah Annie Hathaway!


What is the general consensus on posting gifs from Les Miserables now that it has leaked?

  1. calvinball-rulemaker answered: I want gifs!
  2. annehathewayinlondon answered: Post away! There have been gifs in the states since October, even though it didn’t come out until Christmas
  3. saxophoneoboemadness answered: iT WILL BE GREAT ! ! I believe most fans of Anne Hathaway are aware and have seen the film already. Just mention that there are spoilers.
  4. skeletom answered: If people don’t already know the story they are peasants who deserve the shock
  5. idontcareimjustinspired answered: why would there be spoilers when there was a book and movie before this remake??
  6. olvjn answered: Go for it. It’s not a new story.
  7. theboneheads answered: do it do it do it
  8. lasttangothenparis answered: The movie only comes out here on Feb. 1, so I would say it’s better wait till it’s released everywhere
  9. purplenights answered: well my first thought will be ‘No, please don’t spoil it for the ones who haven’t seen it’ …but I know how passionate one can be with stuff
  10. b1lder answered: yes yes
  11. carolsarchive answered: a lot of people have been posting/reblogging, most of them tag as spoilers and warn people to blacklist
  12. serendipitous-- answered: I say go for it. The novel’s been out for over a hundred years; you can’t spoil much of anything.
  13. rosalindllutece answered: yes yes yes. <3
  14. callmeselina answered: Yes.
  15. bloodonmykeys answered: go for it.
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