Fuck Yeah Annie Hathaway!
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get to know me meme: [1/5] favourite actresses - Anne Hathaway

“[about how she chose to sing “I Dreamed a Dream” in “Les Misérables”] There seemed to be something selfish about trying to go for “the pretty version”. She’s devastated, she’s literally at the bottom of a hole, looking up and realizing she’s never going to climb out of this. So I just decided to apply the truth to the melody and then see what would happen.”

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57/ Anne Hathaway

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finallythestarsalign-deactivate wondered,
I love the looks that anne use in the devil wears prada, can you please post photos of her looks in the movie? If you can, post all looks, please. Thank you ❤

okay, I’ll make a photoset/gifset once I finally get connected to the internet again ^___^

(I moved and don’t have internet at home until the middle of april, that’s also why this blog isn’t up-to-date; i’m sorry. and the queue ended too :’/)


Blonde Anne Hathaway in the studio recording the soundtrack for Rio 2. She’s so cute!

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favourite looks of Anne Hathaway   |  events in 2009 (1/2)

favourite looks of Anne Hathaway   |  events in 2009 (2/2)

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