Fuck Yeah Annie Hathaway!

Working link for the pilot of Get Real

I think the whole series is on that Youtube channel :)


So 90s it hurts.

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Anne Hathaway - ”Get Real”


Posting a few pics of Get Real!TV series era!Jesse and Anne Hathaway. When they’re sweet and young and exploring and beginning to stand on their own. Ow. That hasn’t changed much at all.


Those two’s personalities haven’t really changed that much during the last, what, 12 years. Look at the centre pic.


Since Jesse’s left filming Bop Decameron behind and he stays indoors reuniting with his cats most of the time, this blog will be in all likelihood be extremely boring until after next Tuesday night, which is the time he appears on Jay Leno to promote 30MOL.

(I didn’t think I’d ever say I want to see more promotion for 30MOL. But after close to 72 hours of not-much-Jesse, I’m forced to admit I want to see it.)

Meanwhile, this blog will most likely be stuffed with my own personal boring, judgmental and inaccurate observations and random bits and pieces. Just saying.

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Anne Hathaway & Jesse Eisenberg in Get Real

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