Fuck Yeah Annie Hathaway!

Mad Libs Christmas Carols with Anne Hathaway 

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Anne & Jimmy do Let Us Play With Your Look [x]

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You can laugh it’s fine!¬†[x]

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Anne on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (June 2009)

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Jimmy: You thinking of starting a band?

Anne: I am thinking about starting a band, yeah, it would be cool. I mean we would only play one chord at a time in our songs so BIG HIT!

Jimmy: Oh my god, play A! We’re not playing A tonight…

Anne: Sorry, we’re not playing A tonight, we played A too much lately.

Jimmy: C’mon! I came all the way from Texas!

Anne: No way, there are too many youtube clips of it, i’m sorry.

Jimmy: C’mon! You gotta play A!

Anne: Look dude, it’s E tonight and nothing else!

Jimmy: Same with me man, E all the way!