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Charlie Hunnam & Anne Hathaway - Nicholas Nickleby Premiere After Party - December 2002


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Nicholas Nickleby (2002)


madeline: i feel you know what it’s like to be without happiness, but do you know what it’s like to be afraid of it? to see the world as … so conniving you cannot take pleasure in the appearance of something good. because you suspect it is only a play to draw behind which other troubles lie? that has been my life, every good thing has been a trick … until you. yet i am afraid to take your hand. but if you cannot, will not, save me. i can bear to be maltreated by the greedy or the weak. but to be let down … by an angel.
nicholas: i am not an angel, i live as far from that lofty perch as any man. my temper low, my patience … well, perhaps i should not list all my faults in case i am too persuasive. you are the one, who is so admirably able and strong. 

madeline: *sniffles* i am tired of being strong
nicholas: as am i. weakness is tiring, but strength is exhausting. *laughs* you see i cannot save you, for i need saving too.
madeline: what are you proposing?
nicholas: only this: that we save ourselves … together