Fuck Yeah Annie Hathaway!

Jenny Lewis and Anne Hathway - Last Night You Were A Dream

Anne Hathaway at Paper Mill Playhouse

Some footage of Anne performing in 2001 and before, worth watching! 

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Anne Hathaway | I Dreamed A Dream | Les Miserables

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Mad Libs Christmas Carols with Anne Hathaway 

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Real In Rio 

Good luck to Sergio Mendes and the rest of the Rio crew for their nomination tonight!

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skip to 5:10. It’s Anne Hathaway nominated for a rising star award for her role as Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress when she was in high school. 

this is wild. I was really, super skeptical that she could play Fantine. but she’s got a pretty good voice.

now about Taylor Swift as Eponine…

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Anne Hathaway + Joseph Gordon Levitt sings together (2011) LIVE HD via @youtube

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Anne Hathaway meets Nero & Skrillex by DJ Woody

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Another song with Anne Hathaway from Twelfth Night. This time with Audra Mcdonald.


The lovely Anne Hathaway.